Governor's Biennial Show and Business Updates

Update 2021, New Year, New Work

I am sending off a quick post to let you know there will be a Fall's Art Market this summer. It may possibly be starting in May. I will post a calendar of Art Market dates, along with a Governor's Biennial travel schedule, on my website.

I have returned to my old website host, WIX. It just seems easier for me to navigate and has more editing options. My plan is to move work off of Amazon completely. I have very little on there and very few hits. I work in my studio and do not have a webmaster for my business at this time. I should be making some regular updates this year. I will eventually sell online again.

Most recently, my "Yellow Teapot" has been accepted into the Governor's Biennial Show.

I hope this message finds you well and in good spirits. May the new year commence with optimism and promise.

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