Inspired by long term Sub position and an extruder

Coil pots

I just finished a long term substitute position at O'Gorman High School for Art teacher Gary Siska.

He teaches Pottery, Drawing and Painting and Drafting. They pottery classroom is very well equipped. I was excited to see an extruder when I took my first tour. Gary said it would be fine to use. I brought a bag of porcelain, piece on the left, and did a few demos for classes in Brownstone. Working with coils from and extruder makes the process much easier. After leaving Sinte' Gleska and not having access to an extruder I just gave a pass to coil building. Now, I am fired up to coil build again. I will need to roll out the coils in my studio but I am so inspired. I want to continue experimenting with different forms and textures. Larger forms as you can see, (I put the cup in for scale.)

Working with the students was such a wonderful experience. They were self-motivated and we really had some fun. They inspire me too. It really is nice spending time with young adults who want to learn and work on their projects. That is not always the case at that age. Subbing can be a real challenge at that level. It was a good opportunity for me. Thank you O'Gorman art students for time well spent.

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