and are now combined sites

I have a lot of updating to do to the Amazon sales page and the combined website. Once done things will be updated and less complicated.

This website is my original wixsite, before I started selling online. It has a lot of my old work, no new work and none of the blogs from my other website. So this could be called a relaunch. Thank you for following.

This weekend we will be doing some raku. I am not sure if I will be selling that online or saving it for the Art Markets this summer at the Foundry.

Although mornings at Ace is cutting into some of my studio time, I love working with the plants. It has rejuvenated my spirits after a long winter. Once the garden is self-maintiaing I'll be updating this site.

Thanks again for subscribing and...

make art part of your life every day.

I ride my motorcycle to work so I don't take this home with me.

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Studio News,

part of your life once in awhile.