Thanksgiving Day

It's been a incredible day considering it is November 23! We have been on the motorcycles most of the day. Rode to visit friends around town before a meandering country road trip to my son and his family home. It is near by, to the south. A the fields have been harvested. The weather for this time of year is incredible. Our grandsons were outside playing in the park when we pulled up. On our way back from Canton, I saw a bald eagle fly across our path. For me, it is still a awe inspiring event to see them in the sky.We are home for now, bikes in the garage. After the sun goes down the temperature will drop considerably. No complaints. Next stop, after sun down, over to my husbands daughters for Thanksgiving dinner. Looking forward to the meal that will be par excellence. We truly are blessed. The day couldn't be better. Thanks GS.

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