Raku is going well.

Crackle Jar for Linda,

World on a Vessel,

Tree od Life,

Tree of Life

Copper Vase

Jim and I have been squeezing in some raku fires in between our travels and out of town obligations. I have been watching some youtube videos to see what other ceramic artists are doing. Some very informative videos. Some of what I do is trial and error because of my limited background or short term experience. I am getting there and have learned so much these past few months. None of the raku would be possible with out the help of Jim.

On a funny note. I have been trying all kinds of things to get more crackle on the clear crackle pots. I saw a video of an artist blowing on them when they first come out of the raku kiln with an air hose! Wow. We tried it on a little bowl first go round. The air pressure blew it right off the shelf! Oops. The above, large jar is a later example of how well it works. I now hold the smaller vessels down with tongs while Jim gives them shots of air.

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