Last Days of Long Term

This is the last week of my Long Term substitute teacher job for a local Art teacher. It has gone by fast. I thought 7 weeks would drag on, but not at all. I really enjoyed teaching grade school art. I surprised myself. I felt a little guilty about the first class getting a new project. They were kind of the guinea pigs for skill level. I taught 6 Kindergarten classes, 7 1st Grade classes, 6 2nd Grade classes and 1 of each 3rd and 5th Grade class.

I managed to squeeze in some studio time after the first couple weeks. It took that long to get in the 40 hour a week groove. I am sure I work more than that in the studio, but my time is my own. I really admire teachers all the more. They don't get enough accolades and money for what they do every day for our country's children.

The picture above is a 2nd Grade project inspired by Alexander Calder's Circus. They were amazing considering the short time they had to work on them. Most of them stood up on there own. Not any easy feet when your head weighs more than your body!

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