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South Dakota Clay

I have been developing hand harvested and processed clay. It is a labor intensive process. A labor of love if you will.
Currently my source is just north west of Sioux Falls, SD. The initial first step to clay development for food safety, I sent it to  local lab for testing to insure it is toxin free.
The clay is dug by hand, cleaned and screened by hand of roots and rocks.  To make the clay more plastic vinegar and ball clay are added, by hand. A 10% addition of Cone 6 clay can then be wedged into the clay body, to insure it will fire to a mid-range firing temperature. This makes it possible to use glazes that I currently utilize in the studio. 
I will continue my research and development of this clay and clay from other sources. 
Being inspired by process I call this process, "From the earth to your table."

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